30 March, 2014

Communiqué for the first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership

By Global Partnership

The Government of Mexico is pleased to share the adopted Communiqué (AR EN ES FR) for the first High-Level meeting of the Global Partnership, which took place on 15 – 16 April in Mexico City. This Communiqué was adopted by consensus at the final plenary session.

The Communiqué builds on a wide-ranging, extensive international consultation process over six months, in which Global Partnership constituencies, related groups and individuals have been approached to provide their inputs.

The Annex on Voluntary Initiatives provides a valuable platform to highlight important action-oriented efforts led by diverse stakeholders of the Global Partnership and contains 38 voluntary initiatives from a range of countries and organisation. This Annex is one way in which the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation is initiating and showcasing some of the many diverse and creative forms of development cooperation being practised worldwide. As such, the Annex can help to spur further development cooperation efforts and action globally.

The Annex on Voluntary Initiatives remains a live and dynamic document. Further new initiatives are invited at any time, as are new expressions of support from other countries, organisations or actors for any of the existing initiatives already in here. This Annex will be updated regularly to take account of new contributions, and reposted here.

  • If you would like to contribute a new initiative, please contact the GPEDC Joint Support Team at: info@effectivecooperation.org. Please ensure you keep the text short, action and outcome-oriented, and provide a timescale for your initiative. Please also include a contact point.
  • If you wish to associate your country or organisation with an existing initiative that is already articulated in here, please contact the relevant focal point in the Annex and the GPEDC Joint Support Team (info@effectivecooperation.org).