5 November, 2014

Global Partnership Planning Workshop – Strengthening Coordination to Deliver Results

By Global Partnership

The Brussels workshop, organised in close co-ordination with the Global Partnership Co-Chairs, was co-hosted by the European Commission, the NEPAD Agency Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness and the Asia-Pacific Regional Development Effectiveness Facility in Brussels on 21-22 January 2015. It brought together over 150 participants from the GPEDC wider constituency, including GPEDC Steering Committee representatives, leaders and key actors in Building Blocks and Voluntary Initiatives activities and regional platforms, with a very diverse background: partner countries’ representatives, civil society, private sector, bilateral and multilateral donors and institutions, regional organisations, foundations, regional and local authorities, academics and others.

The workshop contributed to strengthening the linkages among different Global Partnership initiatives, and confirmed participants’ strong ambition to ensure that the Busan principles and valuable experiences from the initiatives are reflected in the Post-2015 agenda and its future operationalisation. The workshop also demonstrated the Global Partnership in action, with extensive multi-stakeholder efforts across Busan principles and themes to ensure more effective-co-operation and results at the country level.

The workshop further focused on the development of a workplan for the GPEDC for the next two years, displaying the multitude of activities and actions undertaken under the GPEDC umbrella. Participants reflected collectively over the key objectives and expected results within each of the priority themes of the GPEDC and produced a series of recommendations for the operationalisation of the Framework of activities of the GPEDC.

Based on the success of this workshop, a process allowing for further regular exchanges and synergies among Global Partnership initiatives was launched and a follow-up workshop could be held in 2016, in order to discuss progress made on the various activities and expected results. As immediate follow-up to the meeting, the European Commission is in the process of finalising the workshop’s key deliverable – a consolidated Framework of activities and set of actionable recommendations, which will be submitted to the GPEDC Co-Chairs and Joint Support Team.