Steering Committee held 8th Meeting in Mexico City on 3 – 4 September 2015

The Global Partnership Steering Committee held its 8th meeting on 3 – 4 September 2015 in Mexico City.

The eighth meeting of this multi-stakeholder body built on the outcomes of The Hague meeting in January 2015. This session assessed progress made and challenges faced by Steering Committee members and Global Partnership stakeholders in turning effective development co-operation commitments into action on the ground. The discussion also identified ways in which the Global Partnership can strengthen implementation efforts and maximise their impact.


Document 1 – Mexico City Steering Committee Agenda  (FR / ES)

Document 2 – HLM 2 Political Roadmap  (FR / ES)

Document 3 – Preparing for the Second Monitoring Round (FR / ES)

Document 4 – Monitoring Advisory Group Work Plan (FR / ES)

Document 5 – Update on GPI  (FR / ES)

Document 5 – Annex to Update on GPI

Document 6 – Updating the GPEDC Strategic Communications Framework (FR / ES)

Document 7 – GPEDC Contribution to Addis and Post-2015 (FR / ES)

Document 8 – Key Messages for the 70th UN General Assembly (FR / ES)


Steering Committee Meeting Background Slides

Session 2 – Towards a Strong Second Monitoring Round: 2015-2016 | Monitoring Advisory Group Work Plan

Session 5 – Joint Support Team Work Plan 2015-2016

Session 6 – Financing for Development and Post-2015: Supporting Implementation

Session 7 – Africa Action Plan on Development Effectiveness | Implementing the New Deal | Pacific Experience in Implementing the GPEDC Principles

Outcome Documents:

Key Outcomes of the 8th Steering Committee

Full Summary of the 8th Steering Committee (FR / ES)

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