4 October, 2016

First Batch of Country Monitoring Profiles Now Available

By Global Partnership

The first 10 Country Profiles based on the results of the Second Monitoring Round of the Global Partnership are now available. This is the first batch of a total of 80 profiles prepared by the UNDP-OECD Joint Support Team to complement the 2016 Monitoring Progress Report of the Global Partnership on Effective Development Co-operation.

Based on data collected from governments and development partners, public and private, each profile provides a snapshot of a country’s progress in achieving more effective development co-operation. It highlights specific country context and the monitoring results of indicators attached to effectiveness principles, alongside analysis, trends and policy recommendations.

Discover the Monitoring Profiles below:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Belarus
  3. Cambodia
  4. Ethiopia
  5. The Gambia
  6. Kiribati
  7. Kyrgyzstan
  8. Marshall Islands
  9. Republic of Moldova
  10. United Republic of Tanzania

To find out more about the Global Partnership monitoring framework, participating countries and organisations, monitoring data and how to participate, please click here.

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