3 November, 2016

2016 Monitoring Report Available in English, French and Spanish

By Global Partnership

The culmination of the second round of Global Partnership monitoring, “Making Development Co-operation More Effective: 2016 Progress Report” is now available! The report is the product of a global monitoring exercise designed to generate evidence on progress in making development co-operation more effective at the country level. It highlights results from the Global Partnerships’ 2015-2016 Monitoring Round, where more than 80 countries and territories and over 120 development partners participated, nearly doubling participation from the first monitoring round (2013-2014). The analysis contained in the report will form a strong base of evidence for discussions around global progress in effective development co-operation at HLM2.

Read the 2016 Progress Report online in English, French and Spanish.

Download the 2016 Progress Report here.

Read the 2016 Progress Report Summary in EnglishFrench and Spanish.