16 February, 2018

Upcoming Workshop to Discuss Strengthening Linkages between GPIs and the Global Partnership

By Global Partnership

On March 19-20, the Global Partnership and GIZ will host a workshop on Strengthening Global Partnership Initiative’s Engagement in Bonn, Germany. Representatives from 29 Global Partnership Initiatives (GPIs), Steering Committee members and Co-Chairs will explore ways in which the Global Partnership can make better use of knowledge generated by GPIs, including how GPIs can contribute to the work of the Global Partnership through its 2017-2018 programme of work and strategic Working Groups.

GPIs are voluntary initiatives which contribute to the Global Partnership’s vision by directly implementing the internationally-agreed development effectiveness principles. Currently, there are 29 GPIs led by 58 organisations that contribute to 9 key areas of work.

This workshop will provide a mechanism for exchanging knowledge and lessons learned on implementation of the development effectiveness principles. Gathering experts from different backgrounds, including government, civil society, foundations, private sector and other development partners, the workshop will discuss the mechanisms necessary to make better use of GPI knowledge and activities, and to harness synergies between GPIs and the Global Partnership.

The workshop will take place on the eve of the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, which will bring together the global community, taking action to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

Eligible GPI representatives and Steering Committee members should register for the workshop at www.bit.ly/GPI no later than 22 February.

If you are interested in becoming a GPI, please refer to our guidance document.