23 November, 2018

Specialised Policy Dialogue on Private Sector Engagement through Development Co-operation

By Global Partnership

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Using development co-operation resources to engage the private sector in reaching the SDGs, and achieving the 2030 Agenda, is a global priority. To this end, development partners are establishing new financing instruments, and adapting their policies and approaches to create incentives and manage risks for effectively partnering with the private sector in development co-operation. As governments, civil society and the diverse private sector seize new opportunities to work together, there is also a need to ensure that public resources are used effectively to attract inclusive business solutions that generate shared value for business and society, including for those furthest behind.

The Specialised Policy Dialogue of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) will identify practical steps to accelerate progress towards more effective private sector engagement (PSE) through development co-operation. It brings businesses and investors together with senior policy makers and practitioners from governments, civil society, trade unions, parliaments and international organisations for a frank and open dialogue. The primary objective is to foster a common understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities faced when implementing PSE projects at the country level. The dialogue builds on emerging issue areas from country case studies covering over 900 PSE projects and from country and global level consultations, including an online survey. With this, the GPEDC aims to complement efforts by others on mobilising private finance for the SDGs by devising principles and guidelines for effective PSE through development co-operation, in line with the existing principles of effective development co-operation.

The Global Partnership will also host a closed meeting of its Business Leaders Caucus and a half-day learning workshop on private sector engagement in South-South and Triangular Co-operation (both in parallel on 16 January). This series of events will take place as part of the OECD Week on Private Finance for Sustainable Development,

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