7 November, 2018

El Salvador Explores More Effective Engagement of the Private Sector in Development Co-operation

By Global Partnership

On 18 October, more than 70 participants from national and sub-national government, development partners, the private sector, foundations, civil society and the national parliament met in San Salvador to discuss the findings and policy recommendations of the Global Partnership’s draft case study on effectively engaging the private sector through development co-operation in El Salvador. Apart from these domestic stakeholders, a small number of government representatives from neighbouring countries also attended the workshop to share their national experiences on effective engagement of the private sector.

The El Salvador case study, one of four currently being finalized by the GPEDC in partnership with national governments (in addition to), offers new insights on how development partners support private sector engagement at country level in practical terms, and discusses key concerns and effectiveness challenges that different stakeholders experience. In addition to discussing the study’s key findings, the workshop also considered how its recommendations could be refined and implemented.

HE Mr Carlos Castaneda stated that El Salvador has taken ‘leadership in terms of effectiveness and has launched a series of strategic actions to advance the achievement of the effectiveness principles’.

HE Mr Bernd Finke, the German Ambassador to El Salvador, emphasized the need to strive for a ‘triple-win situation’ in which private sector engagement serves the state’s development policy, the private sector itself, and above all, the people whose living conditions need to be improved. He further stated that this requires ‘an honest and transparent dialogue – both about the challenges and possibilities and about the expectations and responsibilities of all parties’.

Among the study’s key findings was the need to strengthen an effective and inclusive multi-stakeholder public-private dialogue across all sectors at the national level, increase attention for effective private sector engagement at the sub-regional level in the communities, and further engage micro, small and medium-sized companies that make up the large majority of the private sector in the country.

Findings from the study and workshop will feed into the Global Partnership’s workstream on private sector engagement and the ongoing inclusive consultations around the development of principles and guidelines for effective engagement of the private sector in development co-operation.

El Salvador has worked closely with the Global Partnership on several key initiatives. The country is one of nine where the implementation of effectiveness is being piloted at the country level. El Salvador has also actively monitored its progress on implementing the effectiveness principles by participating in the GPEDC’s 2016 as well as the current 2018 monitoring round. El Salvador is also an active member of the GPEDC’s key governing body – the Steering Committee, which meets next in late November 2018.

Click here to read the official press release by the Government of El Salvador and here for more information (in Spanish) on the GPEDC’s work on effective private sector engagement through development co-operation.

A summary of the event can be found online (English and Spanish).

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