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The monitoring framework of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation was established in 2012 to support international accountability for making progress in the implementation of the Busan commitments for more effective development co-operation.


What is the global monitoring framework?

The global monitoring framework tracks progress on the commitments and actions agreed in 2011 at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea.

The Co-chairs of the Global Partnership invite all countries and organisations that endorsed the agreement reached in Busan to take part in monitoring activities.

The framework consists of a set of ten indicators that measure progress in improving the effectiveness of development co-operation in specific areas, such as the transparency and predictability of aid, gender equality and the contribution of the private sector to development.

Some of the indicators are based on those contained in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness that developing countries identified as particularly important. Other indicators capture some of the new, broader dimensions of the Busan Partnership agreement.


Why do we need a global monitoring framework?

To strengthen results for developing countries, development co-operation practices must be further enhanced and made more effective. The monitoring framework emphasizes and tracks this behaviour change in development co-operation. Participation in the global monitoring activities is voluntary.

The monitoring framework:

•supports accountability for what was agreed in Busan by providing a snapshot of progress on the effectiveness of development co-operation at international level;

•highlights opportunities and challenges for further progress in making the Busan principles a reality;

•stimulates inclusive dialogue on improving the effectiveness of development co-operation within countries and internationally; and,

•promotes agreement on actions to use the Busan principles successfully.

The framework does not monitor development outcomes, which are addressed through other international frameworks such as the Millennium Development Goals.


How does this work?

The monitoring exercise is grounded at the developing country level (except for indicators 4, 9a and 10 which draw from global information sources): data is collected under the leadership of developing country governments and validated in consultation with development partners (i.e. providers of development co-operation, representatives from civil society, parliamentarians and private sector).

The monitoring data is used to prepare periodic progress reports. A first review of progress was completed in 2014 and it has informed political dialogue during the first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership in Mexico in April 2014. The next review of progress will be completed in 2016. For more information on the second monitoring round, please click here.


Further information

Monitoring Update Newsletters are produced quarterly with news and events related to the GPEDC monitoring work.

Background documents, frequently asked questions and the list of countries participating in global monitoring efforts are available on the Global Partnership community space. To request an invitation to the community space please contact:

For questions regarding the Global Partnership monitoring framework, please contact:

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