september 2015

sep28 - 29All Day2nd Monitoring Advisory Group Meeting(All Day) Paris, FranceEvent Type :Global Partnership,Monitoring Advisory Group Meeting


The second meeting of the Global Partnership’s Monitoring Advisory Group (MAG) was held in Paris on 28-29 September 2015, and brought together members of the MAG, representatives of the GPEDC’s Co-Chairs’ offices, and the UNDP-OECD Joint Support Team.

The MAG acknowledged the importance of effective development co-operation to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Without behavior change for more effective use of development co-operation, strong financial commitments, knowledge sharing and collective action, accomplishing the 2030 agenda will be at significant risk. In that context, the MAG underscored the key contribution that the GPEDC monitoring framework can bring to the post-2015 and FfD follow-up and review mechanism. In particular, the importance of making the GPEDC monitoring framework “politically irresistible” and meaningful at the country level was emphasized.


The MAG agreed on a detailed work plan for the coming months, which includes the following areas:

  • Track 1 – Finalising the methodology for the 4 new indicators: (a) Recommendations on the finalisation of the methodology for Indicator 4 (transparency)
  • Track 2 – Strengthening the second monitoring round: (a) An overall think piece on the underlying/implicit Theory of Change (TOC) that informed the current monitoring framework and a proposed approach for the subsequent review; (b) Recommendations on the 2016 Progress Report’s structure, informed from the overall Theory of Change; (c) Recommendations on the set of the review/testing questions that will be used by the Joint Support Team to collect country level stakeholders’ feedback on the monitoring framework and process, following the second monitoring round.
  • Track 3 – Strengthening the relevance of the GPEDC monitoring in the post-2015 context: (a) An analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the current 10 indicators, application of the TOC to each indicator, identification of missing elements, and recommendations on how to strengthen/revise the existing monitoring framework

The MAG appointed Brian Tomlinson as its Chair, and agreed that its next meeting would take place in early February 2016. This meeting will aim at reviewing progress made in the deliverables above and at producing a document that will inform the discussions at the 9th meeting of the Global Partnership’s Steering Committee.