november 2015

nov16 - 17All DayAfrican Pre-Monitoring Workshop: Strengthening the Second Round of Monitoring(All Day) Addis Ababa, EthiopiaEvent Type :Global Partnership,Monitoring,Peer Learning Event,Regional Workshop


The Global Partnership Regional Pre-Monitoring Workshop took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 16-17 November 2015. The workshop explored ways to strengthen the second monitoring round, drawing from lessons learned during the first round. The objective of the workshop was to ensure that robust, timely, and credible evidence of progress in implementing effective development co-operation principles was generated to inform the discussions of the 2016 High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership.


By the end of the workshop participants gained:

  1. A good understanding of the scope of the Global Partnership second monitoring round and its implementation process, including different roles and responsibilities of relevent country-level stakeholders in their respective country context capacity.
  2. Increased capacity to use relevant resources and tools for the second monitoring round and extend support to national stakeholders involved in the monitoring exercise.
  3. Better technical and strategic guidance on grounding the global monitoring framework in existing country processes based on mutual learning and exchange with other participants.

Related Materials

  1. Workshop Agenda
  2. Session 2: Overview of the Global Partnership and JST (English | French)
  3. Session 3a:  Monitoring Framework (English | French)
  4. Session 3b: The Second Monitoring Round (English | French)
  5. Session 5: New Indicators (English | French)
  6. Session 6: Introduction to the Indicator Clinics (English | French)
  7. Session 6: Clinics A,B,C (English | French)
  8. Stock-take of the First Monitoring Round (English | French)
  9. Summary Report

Monitoring Tools

2015-2016 Monitoring Guide (English | French | Spanish)

This is the main document of reference to support participants in the monitoring exercise. Here you will find everything you need to know about the process, timeline, your role and the specific set of ten indicators being monitored during the 2015-16 monitoring round. This document provides guidelines for all stakeholders participating in the monitoring exercise, including governments, providers of development co-operation, and other stakeholders (including the private sector, civil society organisations, trade unions, parliamentarians, subnational governments).