november 2016

nov309:45 am- 10:30 amAmphitheatre Session - Sustainable Development and its Financing: the Use of Country-led Results Frameworks9:45 am - 10:30 am Event Type :2016 High-Level Meeting

Event Details

A country-led results framework is led or originated by the government of the country itself. It can include any form of government-led planning instrument that defines a country’s approach to development, sets out its development priorities and establishes the results expected to be achieved. It also outlines the systems and tools to monitor and evaluate progress towards these targets, determines the baseline and establishes indicators for measuring progress.

By aligning with a country-led results framework, development partners ensure that development co-operation addresses the country’s priorities and contributes to its capacity to plan, monitor, evaluate and communicate its progress towards sustainable development.

In this Amphitheatre Session, the Global Partnership Initiative on Results and Mutual Accountability, led by Bangladesh and Switzerland, will share the results of a pilot programme on the enhanced use of country-led results frameworks. The pilot programme is being implemented in co-operation with regional platforms from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The pilot focuses on strengthening national development plans, creating effective results frameworks and improving linkages between planning and financing including through the use of integrated national financing frameworks. The session will identify areas for improvement in country-led results frameworks and financing the SDGs.