august 2013

aug25 - 27aug 251:00 amaug 27Asia Regional Workshop on Implementation1:00 am - 1:00 am (27) Event Type :Global Partnership,Peer Learning Event,Regional Workshop


The Asia Regional Workshop on the implementation of the Busan Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation and its linkage to the Post-2015 Development Agenda took place on August 25 – 27 2013. The Economic Relations Division (ERD) of the Bangladesh Ministry of Finance took the initiative to host a Global Partnership Regional Workshop that sought to build cross-border consensus on inclusive and innovative opportunities to foster a greater regional cooperation for effective development. In this spirit, and in the name of South South Cooperation, the organisers of the workshop envisaged the establishment of a regional Peer Support Mechanism (PSM) that would oversee the facilitation of the effective adaptation of global development initiatives into national programs and the formulation of a common plan of action of regional priorities in the 2030 development agenda.

The workshop was attended by 12 Asian countries as well as civil society organisation representative. Mexico and South Korea attended as members of the Steering Committee. Bangladesh and Indonesia played a leading role in the discussions and made them relevant for the global partnership’s ministerial level meeting.


Development Finance
The meeting acknowledged rapid evolution of development financing. Participants noted the need to ensure stronger links between the use of country generated revenue complementary to donor funds which will remain critical beyond 2015.

The Global Partnership & Agenda 2030
There is a need to systemize linkages between the Global Partnership and the 2030 development agenda. In this context, experiences emerging from Global Partnership dialogue should strengthen the implementation dialogue of Agenda 2030.

There is a need to place ODA/development cooperation in a broader development finance landscape for financing of the 2030 Agenda. To this end, assessing the sources of development finance and aid at country level, developing medium-term comprehensive development financing strategies beyond 2015 as well as developing country-led development finance and aid policies were key priority actions for the region.

Learning, Cooperation and Accountability
Strong mechanisms for mutual accountability are needed to monitor the commitments and the progress on the Global Partnership as well as the 2030 agenda. To this end, the Global Partnership monitoring framework largely depends on existing national monitoring and statistics with the view to build the monitoring and accountability grounded at the country level framework.  Strengthening and the promotion of the use of national frameworks to track and development effectiveness was of significant importance.

The critical importance of south-south cooperation and triangular cooperation is re-emphasized, and documenting the body of evidence on SSC and TC as Asian Approaches and promoting this globally was identified as one of the key actions.

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