april 2014

apr14All DayPre-Mexico HLM Cross-Regional Knowledge Exchange Workshop(All Day: monday) Event Type :Global Partnership,Peer Learning Event,Regional Workshop


The main objective of this workshop was to review progress in implementing commitments made in Busan, identify bottlenecks and promote concrete initiatives to enable further progress. The main conclusions of the workshop were reported to the first plenary session of the High-Level Meeting on “Progress on Implementing the Busan Commitments: How far have we come?” on 15 April 2014. The workshop drew on the Global Partnership monitoring report as well as the regional consultations for the High-Level Meeting and other recent preparatory events.


Dialogue at the country level has strengthened as a result of global effectiveness efforts. Now the dialogue needs to be institutionalised.

This is important for inclusive partnerships: dialogue and engagement cannot be ad hoc, but needs structured mechanisms so that being at the table has real impact. There exist good examples of institutionalised, inclusive dialogue mechanisms already across different countries and regions – so this is possible.

Institutionalised dialogue is important also to move forward on the use of country systems. Continued and structured dialogue is necessary to facilitate the trust that is needed to deal with risks jointly among development partners, and to adopt and maintain a longer-term approach where systems are used while strengthening them.

The notion of domestication of Busan commitments by developing countries has been on the table for long. Now is the time for localisation of Busan commitments by co-operation providers.

Read more in the outcome document.

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