Submit your evidence on our online portal by 14 October 2018.

Through its 2017-2018 Programme of Work, the Global Partnership is providing enhanced support for more effective development co-operation at country level.  Given its reach as an international network of policy-makers and practitioners, across government, civil society, trade unions, local governments, parliamentarians, the private sector, philanthropy and others, the Global Partnership is well placed to identify common constraints to effectiveness and support the sourcing and sharing of evidence-based solutions.

As such, the Global Partnership is launching a call for evidence to draw on the experience of country-level practitioners in delivering on the effectiveness principles – the opportunities and challenges they have encountered, the solutions and approaches they have found useful and the situations where progress has been difficult to achieve – to enrich the global evidence base of good practices and help provide tailored and actionable solutions based on country context and stakeholder group.

The Global Partnership’s multi-stakeholder Steering Committee endorsed the concepts for a Global Compendium of Good Practices and a Knowledge-Sharing Platform on effective development co-operation, during its 15th meeting in Washington (April 2018). Both of these tools will showcase the results of this call for evidence, and will be crucial components of the Global Partnership’s efforts to drive global progress and support countries in strategically managing diverse development co-operation resources, highlighting effective practices to deliver on national development targets.

This public call for evidence is open to all Global Partnership stakeholders, including Steering Committee members and their constituents, national and local governments, development partners, Global Partnership Initiatives, civil society organisations, the business sector, multi-lateral organisations, United Nations agencies, philanthropic organisations, think tanks and academia, among others.

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Submit your evidence on our online portal by 14 October 2018.