The Global Partnership is updating its Monitoring Framework to reflect the challenges of the 2030 Agenda and better track the effectiveness of all types of development co-operation. Its Steering Committee has outlined an inclusive strategy to refine the current Monitoring Framework, following a three-track approach.

Track 2 focuses on expanding the scope of Global Partnership Monitoring to track essential elements of effective development co-operation in light of the evolving international co-operation landscape and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Refinements to the framework will ensure its relevance and usefulness to the 2030 Agenda by providing evidence to help countries address issues critical for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Track 2 will also seek to make Global Partnership monitoring relevant for an increasingly diverse set of development actors including southern partners, foundations and the private sector. This work will continue throughout 2018 and 2019, informing refinement work beyond the 2018 monitoring round.

How to Get Involved

All Global Partnership stakeholders are encouraged to actively participate in the refinement process through the following activities, as appropriate:

  • Pilot Testing
    (February – March 2018)

    The refined framework will be piloted in February 2018 to gather feedback on whether the framework responds to country needs, is relevant and is easy to implement. Contact the OECD-UNDP Joint Support Team to learn about ways to provide feedback on the revised framework.

  • Online Consultations
    (Open through April 9)

    Through a series of online, public consultations, all development co-operation stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the revised indicators and process. Click here to access the online consultations platform.

  • Participation in the 2018 Monitoring Round

    The third monitoring round will be launched in May 2018, with a user-friendly support package, including a Monitoring Guide and how-to workshops /webinars. Contact the OECD-UNDP Joint Support Team for more details on how to participate.