The Global Partnership supports development effectiveness using strategic programmes of work.

The Global Partnership’s biennial programme of work is endorsed by its multi-stakeholder Steering Committee and defines targets and responsibilities for the implementation of its strategic activities.

To achieve the ambition of the Partnership as outlined in the Nairobi Outcome Document, from 2017 to mid-2019, the Global Partnership’s first work programme significantly enhanced efforts by all stakeholders to achieve impact at the country level; increased high-level political engagement and action across the Partnership; attracted greater interest and participation from emerging economies and emerging development partners from the South, the private sector, foundations, Parliamentarians and local government; and secured sufficient funding from across the Global Partnership.

The 2017-2018 Programme of Work culminated at the Global Partnership’s first Senior-Level Meeting. New Global Partnership leadership and a reinvigorated Steering Committee will support the elaboration of a new work programme in late 2019.

The previous programme of work was focused on six inter-related and mutually reinforcing strategic outputs, many of which will carry over into a future work programme for 2019 and beyond: