The Global Partnership supports countries in mainstreaming the development effectiveness principles into their country-level practices for increased development impact.

The Global Partnership aims to drive global progress and support countries in strategically managing diverse development co-operation resources, highlighting effective practices to deliver on national development targets. It provides strategic support for countries establishing and strengthening tools and mechanisms to advance implementation of the effectiveness principles at the national level. Examples of such mechanisms include: development co-operation policies and strategies; multi-stakeholder engagement platforms; and mutual accountability and transparency systems.

Three enablers to accelerate implementation of development effectiveness principles at the country level have been identified:

Global Partnership Areas of Focus

In 2017-2018, the Global Partnership will provide catalytic support to countries piloting establishment of these mechanisms. It will follow a targeted approach in several pilot countries to demonstrate the impacts of effective development co-operation and multi-stakeholder partnerships on achievement of national development priorities, building on what already exists, including country-level initiatives supported by Global Partnership Initiatives (GPIs). Building on this work, the Global Partnership will also establish a compendium of good practices related to policies and institutional arrangements for strengthening development co-operation.