The Global Partnership supports evidence-based, inclusive dialogue and policies to scale up investments that create shared value for business and development.

The scale and scope of the SDGs necessitate increased private sector engagement for financing, job creation, service delivery and innovation. The development co-operation community is adapting its policies and practices to further harness and strengthen private sector engagement through development co-operation.

The Global Partnership aims to facilitate agreement of guidelines for this engagement and help development actors scale up public-private initiatives leveraged through development co-operation in ways that attract business investments and create ‘shared value’ – for business and development impact to reach the SDGs. It facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue to promote effective ways of using development co-operation to ensure that private sector engagement:

Global Partnership Areas of Focus

Guided by a mapping of existing global, regional and sectoral private sector engagement initiatives, in 2017-18 the Global Partnership will prepare country case studies in up to five countries and engage with all relevant actors – governments, the private sector, civil society, trade unions, parliaments and development partners, among others – to discuss and inform policy recommendations on private sector engagement through effective development co-operation. A range of outreach and advocacy opportunities will ensure linkages to other efforts in engaging the private sector through development co-operation. A Business Caucus will be set up to support this work, which will culminate in a key event in 2019.