Progress in Implementing the Busan Commitments

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation is pleased to announce that the Global Partnership Monitoring Report is now available.

2014 Making Development Co-operation More Effective: 2014 Progress Report finds that there is strong commitment to improve development co-operation. Efforts to open up an opportunity for developing countries to have a bigger voice in development are starting to make a tangible difference to how development co-operation is carried out. Global economic turbulence, conflicts in parts of the world, and budgetary pressures in many high-income countries have not shaken the international community’s determination to making development co-operation work better.

Read interviews with development leaders from Moldova and Peru, then read about progress in six countries and about how Malawi is increasing transparency in development co-operation.

The report reviews progress at the half-way point between 2011, when new commitments were made globally, and the 2015 target date for the Millennium Development Goals. Drawing on data from 46 countries receiving development co-operation and 77 countries and organisations providing it, the report covers roughly half of all official development assistance programmed for developing countries.

Longstanding efforts to change the way development co-operation is delivered are paying off. The report finds that country ownership continues to strengthen, and there is greater recognition of the important role played by non-state actors in development. Successes in improving the quality of aid delivery include untying aid and sharing information on development co-operation more transparently. Yet much more needs to be done to improve co-operation practices to fully respond to developing countries’ priorities and ensure benefits to their citizens.

The report provides a central piece of evidence to answer the question of whether development co-operation has become more effective in the past two years. ‘The quality – not just the quantity – of development co-operation is receiving a great deal of attention all over the world, and it is improving’, state the ministers from Indonesia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom leading the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation.

A pre-High-Level Meeting Workshop “Unfinished Business: Moving forward to meet the Busan Commitments” was held on 14 April to provide a good opportunity to discuss in more depth the findings of the report and identify actions to accelerate further progress. Read more about this meeting.

The final versions in French and Spanish are now available.

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