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Development co-operation policy:

    • Overall aim: to ensure that foreign assistance follows national development priorities as determined by national development plans and strategies and supports the country’s development efforts to bring benefits to the lives of the people.
    • Key objectives: (1) To provide a coherent and integrated institutional and policy approach to foreign assistance coming in different forms and modalities to ensure that it is need-based and result-oriented and does not pose any challenge or risk to macro-economic stability including debt sustainability; and security and integrity of the country; (2) To ensure alignment of foreign assistance with national developmental priorities and country systems; (3) To ensure results of assistance by effective utilization thereof.
  • Bangladesh Development Cooperation Strategies (2010-2015)


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):

  • Bangladesh AIMS
    • The Aid Information Management System (AIMS) is a one-stop-shop for all information related to foreign assistance in Bangladesh. AIMS records and processes information provided by donors on development activities and related aid flows in the country. The overall objective of this AIMS is to increase aid transparency, strengthen accountability, facilitate coordination and allow for more efficient aid management.


Development co-operation reports:


Development cooperation mechanisms:


MechanismLevel and actorsObjectives and related policies
Investment Promotion & Financing Facility Project (IPFF)


  • National Government
  • PSE
Bangladesh Bank has been implementing the Investment Promotion & Financing Facility Project (IPFF) on behalf of Finance Division, Ministry of Finance with the financial assistance of the International Development Association (IDA).   The main objectives of IPFF are:    (a) to supplement the resources of Bangladesh financial markets to provide term finance, for infrastructure and other investment projects beyond the capacity of local financial institutions; and   (b) to promote the role of private sector entrepreneurs in the development of capital projects, especially infrastructure.
High Level Bangladesh Development Forum

International Level

  • Multi stakeholders (national government, private sectors and aid donors/financial actors)
A platform for effective dialogues among development partners, national and international NGOs, development think-tanks, development practitioners, leaders from business and industry. It creates opportunity for building partnership among the stakeholders for identified implementation challenges and policy or resource gaps.
GoB LCG mechanismNational LevelTo provide ongoing dialogue between GoB and DP on development challenges. Co-chaired by the ERD secretary and the DP executive committee