Bangladesh's National Development Vision and Plans

GPEDC • 27 September 2022

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Long-term development vision:

  • Perspective Plan of Bangladesh 2021-2041 (PP2041) 
    • Strategic goals and milestones: Eradication of Extreme Poverty by 2031; reducing Poverty to less than 3 percent by 2041; Towards Upper middle-income country by FY 2031; High-income country by 2041; Industrialization; Paradigm shifts in Agriculture to enhance productivity and ensure nutrition and food security for the future; A service sector of the future to provide the bridge for the transformation of the rural agrarian economy to a primarily industrial and digital economy; Urban transition; Building a Bangladesh resilient to climate change and other environmental challenges; Establishing Bangladesh as a knowledge hub country for promoting a skill-based society. 


Medium-term development plan:

Other development plans: