Key Effectiveness Messages for COP26

GPEDC • 5 October 2021
  • The climate agenda is intrinsically a development (effectiveness) agenda. Climate action requires improved access to climate finance, which is channelled through development co-operation instruments. 

The four principles of effective development co-operation 

  1. Promoting nationally-determined contributions, plans and priorities for climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience for all (country ownership)
  2. Committing to open and inclusive dialogue around how climate finance can support Nationally Determined Contributions (accountability and transparency),
  3. Harmonising on climate and development-related results frameworks (a focus on results), and;
  4. Harnessing the complementary roles of stakeholders to mitigate the effects of climate change, especially for the most vulnerable in ‘whole-of-society’ efforts (inclusive partnerships)

- provide a pathway for how we can partner and work towards climate action for low-emissions and resilient development societies, responding to the needs of the planet.


  • Not all actors start from the same place however. Integrating national climate plans into partner countries’ development and economic agendas requires dedicated capacity support and improved access to climate finance, especially for Least Developed Countries.


  • The time is now. In view of the recent IPCC report providing evidence that links extreme weather events with anthropogenic climate change – as well as the additional devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – we hope COP26 goes beyond deliberations and towards more concerted, coordinated and inclusive action on climate change, in particular for the most vulnerable populations, in keeping with the commitment to leave no one behind.


  • Experiences and lessons on how to apply the effectiveness principles can help to unleash more effective development co-operation and partnerships for impactful climate action at country level. 


  • We encourage all interested parties to join us at the ‘2022 Effectiveness Summit’ to deepen our understanding of how effective development co-operation can support all partners in making climate action more effective – for greater impact, and a healthier planet.