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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) co-ordinates development co-operation policy under the brand “Polish Aid”. It manages most bilateral co-operation and is also responsible for EU co-operation. 


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Poland provided USD 952.3 million of ODA in 2021, representing 0.15% of GNI. This was an increase of 9.4% in real terms in volume, reflecting an increase in bilateral aid, including COVID-related support and vaccine donations, as well as an increase in share of GNI from 2020. Poland’s ODA volume has been gradually increasing over the past five years. Poland is committed to reaching a 0.33% ODA/GNI ratio by 2030, as part of the EU’s collective commitment to achieve a 0.7% ODA/GNI ratio by 2030. Within Poland’s ODA portfolio in 2020, 97% was provided in the form of grants and 3% in the form of non-grants.  

Poland ranks 26th among 29 Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member countries when ODA is taken as a share of GNI. The EU remains the most important channel for Polish ODA. In line with its policy, Poland’s bilateral ODA allocations are highly concentrated in its eastern neighbourhood, notably due to imputed student costs. Poland’s bilateral ODA remains highly tied and the share of interventions targeting gender equality is very low. 


Global Partnership monitoring trend

DAC Performance and Trends - 2019 GPEDC Progress Report



The 2019 OECD-DAC mid-term review praised Poland for improving cross-government co-ordination on loans and scholarships. Poland has also made progress in making its civil society organisation (CSO) financing more flexible, increasing transparency and engaging with the private sector. The mid-term review highlighted that the introduction of country strategies could help enhance dialogue with partner countries, focus Poland’s programme and promote managing for results. It also underlined that the share of tied aid remains high. The next OECD-DAC peer review of Poland is planned for 2023.   

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