Summit Outcome Document

GPEDC • 12 July 2022

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The GPEDC stakeholders will meet in Geneva, Switzerland on 12-14 December 2022 for the Effective Development Co-operation Summit. 

Following a long, open and participative process, including two presentations to the Steering Committee and subsequent publishing on the GPEDC website, and two intensive months of work by a representative drafting group including the co-chairs, a final draft (3.0) of the outcome document for the Summit is now available (as of 6 December 2022, Spanish and French versions forthcoming).

With this draft, the Drafting Group has concluded its deliberations. If any group of stakeholders has questions or wishes to request indispensable last minute changes, they are invited to contact their respective co-chairs.

The adoption of the declaration is envisaged to take place during the closing ceremony of the Summit on Wednesday, 14 December.

A 3.0 draft Outcome Document for the Summit is now available (as of 04 December 2022) EN (unofficial translations: FR, ES).


*Click here to look at the previous versions of the Outcome Document and comments received from the stakeholders.