2021 Action Dialogues for Effective Development Co-operation

Confirmed Countries

For countries that have advanced in their Action Dialogue planning, concept notes are now available (where available, these can be viewed by clicking on the specific country names).

(Ministry of Finance)

(Ministry of Finance, Economic Relations Division)

Burkina Faso 
(Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development)

(Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development)

(Presidential Agency of International Co-operation) 

(Action Dialogue around Kampala Principles) 

Côte d’Ivoire
(Ministry of Planning and Development)

Democratic Republic of Congo
(Ministry of Planning)

Dominican Republic
(Ministry of Planning, Economy and Development)

(Ministry of African Co-operation and Integration)

(Ministry of Planning and External Co-operation)

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation)


(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation (2022)

(Action Dialogue around Kampala Principles)

(Ministry of Finance and Development Planning)

(Ministry of Planning and Investment)

(Ministry of Finance)

(Ministry of Budget and National Planning)

(Inter-institutional Technical Committee for the Management of International Co-operation) 

(Peruvian International Co-operation Agency)

(Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning)

(Ministry of Economy, Planning and Co-operation)

(Ministry of Finance and Planning)

(Ministry of Development Planning and Co-operation)

(Action Dialogue around Kampala Principles)

What is an Action Dialogue?


An Action Dialogue aims to bring stakeholders together at country level to build a shared understanding on why effectiveness matters and how to urgently scale up effective partnerships to maximise development impact for COVID-19 recovery and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation.

In addition to making development co-operation more effective at country level, these Dialogues will build momentum toward the Global Partnership’s Third High-Level Meeting in 2022. 

Reach out to the Joint Support Team at monitoring@effectivecooperation.org for further support.

For countries that have advanced in their Action Dialogue planning, concept notes are now available (where available, these can be viewed by clicking on the specific country ministry).





2021 Guidance and Materials for Partner Countries

(English)  (Russian)



2021 Guidance and Materials for All Stakeholders




2021 Detailed Brief on the Action Dialogues





Linking Dialogues with Global Partnership Action Areas and IATI

The Global Partnership Work Programme is implemented by multi-stakeholder groups and organized in thematic Action Areas:

Action Area 1.1: Demonstrating the Impact of Effectiveness

The Effectiveness to Impact initiatives proposed by Action Area 1.1 (“Demonstrating the Impact of Effectiveness”) offer a range of practical technical expertise to support Government and development partners in selected (sub-) sectors. The Initiative will help partner countries to strengthen the functioning of sector development processes, and by doing so, achieve faster impact and accelerate progress on the specific SDGs prioritized by the sector. In your Action Dialogue, you might wish to consider whether an Effectiveness to Impact initiative might be a useful tool to implement in practice some of the improvements in effectiveness that the Action Dialogue identifies as priorities to be addressed. 

Want to know more about the initiatives and discuss how Action Area 1.1 can support a discussion in the Action Dialogues?

Contact Earnán Ó Cléirigh

Action Area 2.4: Civil Society Partnerships

Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a fundamental and independent role in development, including in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, through their outreach and roots in developing communities, by empowering and providing services as well as ensuring that the voices of all groups of society are heard. For partner country governments interested in leading an Action Dialogue with a focus on strengthening civil society partnerships and enabling CSO engagement in development processes – Action Area 2.4 of the Global Partnership provides you the unique opportunity to jointly collaborate with CSOs and diverse development actors to create enabling conditions for effective action!

Interested in connecting with the work of Action Area 2.4? 

Contact info@effectivecooperation.org / Nathalie Vesco Ghélew / Vitalice Meja


Action Area 1.2: Strengthening Statistical Capacity and Data

Action Area 2.1: Private Sector Engagement

Action Area 2.2: Effective Triangular Development Co-operation

Action Area 2.3: Country-led Development Effectiveness of South-South Co-operation

Action Area 2.5: Effective Philanthropic Engagement 

Action Area 2.6: Development Effectiveness at Subnational Level

Action Area 2.7: Effective Multilateral Support

3: Leveraging Monitoring for Action


The Global Partnership and the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) are partnering up for the Action Dialogues. 

The 2021 Action Dialogues will seek to spark policy, system and behavioural change toward better partnerships for development, drawing upon the evidence and data from the GPEDC’s monitoring of effective development co-operation. IATI can provide a crucial complement to these data sources, helping stakeholders to assess the transparency of development co-operation resources in-country, as well as who is undertaking which development and humanitarian activities, and where.

For details on how to access and use IATI data in your Action Dialogue, click here (ENG, ES, FR).