Multi-stakeholder initiatives or networks of actors working actively in the effectiveness space can submit their interest in being part of a larger community by being featured on the Global Partnership Knowledge Platform – a community of voluntary initiatives working on cross-cutting effectiveness issues.


We request all submissions to provide the following information to the Joint Support Team (JST,


  • Name of the initiative
  • Involved partners
  • Short description of the initiative, outlining concrete activities and deliverables that will contribute to the implementation of specific strategic priorities and linked to the Action Areas of the 2020-2022 work programme of the Global Partnership (max 500 words).
  • If available, relevant website and online links on the initiative that can be promoted on the Global Partnership Knowledge Platform.
  • Name and email address of contact person for the initiative. This name will be added to the Joint Support Team’s database and will be shared publicly for information related to the initiative.
  • Commitment to share plans, resources, evidence and lessons through the Global Partnership Knowledge Platform, and within the Action Area groups the initiative will be contributing to.
  • Commitment to annually report on the activities and deliverables in contribution to the 2020-2022 work programme of the Global Partnership.