The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness

"We, Ministers of developed and developing countries responsible for promoting development and Heads of multilateral and bilateral development institutions, meeting in Paris on 2 March 2005, resolve to take far-reaching and monitorable actions to reform the ways we deliver and manage aid as we look ahead to the UN five-year review of the Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) later this year. As in Monterrey, we recognise that while the volumes of aid and other development resources must increase to achieve these goals, aid effectiveness must increase significantly as well to support partner country efforts to strengthen governance and improve development performance. This will be all the more important if existing and new bilateral and multilateral initiatives lead to significant further increases in aid."


The Accra Agenda for Action

The Accra Agenda for Action is the product of an unprecedented alliance: more than 80 developing countries, all OECD donors and some 3 000 civil society organisations from around the world joined representatives of emerging economies, United Nations and multilateral institutions and global funds in the negotiations leading up to and taking place during the Accra meeting. 

The AAA seeks to strengthen and deepen implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (the Paris Declaration). Prepared through a broad-based process of dialogue at both country and international levels, it takes stock of progress on the commitments of the Paris Declaration and sets the agenda for accelerating progress to reach the agreed targets by 2010 (see accompanying summary of the Paris Declaration).