Supporting documents: 19th Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Partnership

11-12 May, 2020

Dear Members of the Steering Committee,

In preparation of the 11-12 May Steering Committee meeting please find attached the relevant background documentation:

i.  An updated meeting agendaincluding discussion questions for your preparation for session 3. Note that a ‘tour de table’ is envisioned for the session 1 on COVID-19 implications for the Global Partnership, the effectiveness agenda and the new work programme. Co-chairs invite each member to share 1-2 specific suggestions in response to this question (not more than 1-2 minutes).

ii.  A Zoom user-guide

iii. A Zoom interpretation guide / - Un guide du service d'interprétation Zoom

iv. Draft 2020-22 Global Partnership Work Programme

v. Implementation of the Global Partnership’s Work Programme: Status Update

vi. Global Partnership Monitoring Reform: Defining Ambitions and Approach

In case you have not registered yet, please do so at your earliest convenience by completing this online form. The meeting will be organised through Zoom (see connection details included in the table below as well as in the attached agenda). Kindly note that once connected, you will temporarily join the virtual 'waiting room' until you are granted access to the meeting virtual space. We encourage you to sign up to Zoom and test your connection well ahead of time, raising any concerns you may have as soon as possible by contacting Ms Susan Rantalainen (