Triangular Co-operation in the Era of the 2030 Agenda

GPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
GPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation • 28 August 2019

Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) on Effective Triangular Co-operation has embarked on a journey of collecting case stories, operational tools, experiences and lessons learned from its members. The result is this report which provides inputs specific to triangular co-operation into the overall theme of BAPA +40 “The Role of South-South Co-operation and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities”.

This report gives voice to the inspiring experiences of 44 contributors and around 100 cases show how innovative solutions to similar challenges and ideas for creative problem-solving are developed. Most importantly, they highlight how strong partnerships are built by engaging in trilateral activities.

The GPI continues to serve as a global platform for exchange and joint learning on triangular co-operation and discussions will continue. The GPI remains open for new members, ideas and inspiration to tackle development challenges through triangular co-operation.