2.5: Reinforcing foundations

Effective philanthropic engagement

The Global Partnership supports inclusive dialogue and analysis to enhance the role of philanthropy in effective partnerships at the country level.



Increasing the effectiveness of partnerships with the philanthropic sector in development co-operation

Philanthropic organisations are playing an increasingly important role in the achievement of the SDGs, with prominent contributions to key sectors such as Education and Health. However, effective engagement of the philanthropic sector in development co-operation is still hampered by a limited understanding of foundations’ role and their potential as relevant allies for development partners, partner countries, and civil society.

In addressing this gap, this action area aims to clarify and sharpen the specific role and contributions of philanthropic organisations for improving the effectiveness of development co-operation. It will also support the development and dissemination of a practical toolkit with guidance on how to effectively partner with philanthropic organisations in development co-operation, intended for development actors and foundations alike.


For more information on this action area, please contact at: info@effectivecooperation.org