2.7: Effective multilateral support

Effective multilateral support

Multilateralism through the lens of the effectiveness principles


The need for an effective multilateral system has never been more important to address the nature and scale of today’s global challenges, from record numbers of displaced persons to era-defining pandemics. Enhancing the effectiveness of the multilateral system requires behaviour change by both development partners that fund multilateral organisations, but also by multilateral organisations themselves. Drawing on the unique convening power of the Global Partnership, this action area will make a substantive multi- stakeholder contribution to the global discourse on (i) an effective multilateral system, based on the effectiveness principles, and (ii) how bilateral partners can most effectively support the multilateral system, as we work towards the 2030 Agenda. This will include analytical work across different types of partners to promote mutual learning and exploring how partners’ effective support to the multilateral system could be measured, building on other efforts at the global level.