Global Partnership Initiatives (GPIs) contribute to the Global Partnership’s vision by directly implementing the internationally-agreed development effectiveness principles and sharing their knowledge to support greater development impact.

GPIs are voluntary initiatives led by national governments, civil society organisations, foundations and members of the private sector, among others. They generate policy-relevant lessons and innovative solutions, sharing this knowledge to spur more effective development co-operation at the country, regional and global levels.

GPI News and Updates

Use Better than Cash Alliance’s compendium on how to make digital financial inclusion a priority for all.

Read Tax Inspectors Without Borders 2017-18 Annual Report covering the initiatives’ activities during its second year.

The Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) has published a study on The Contribution of Social Dialogue to the 2030 Agenda: Formalising the Informal Economy.

Read the report ‘The Private Sector: Who is Accountable?’ on Every Women, Every Child, supported by the GPI ‘Together for 2030: Partnering to Deliver a Sustainable Future for All’.

Featured Global Partnership Initiative

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) GPI has released a brand new guide on accessing data published according to IATI’s data standard. Use the IATI Tool Guide to discover data on the resources and results on over one million development and humanitarian activities, from around 900 publishers. IATI publishers include a broad range of organisations, from donor governments, development finance institutions and UN agencies to non-governmental organisations, foundations and private sector organisations. Start exploring IATI data now!

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Global Partnership Initiatives – Voices

Civil Society Continuing Campaign for Effective Development

“We are trying to localize the development effectiveness agenda down to the national level and socializing with our partners across different sectors and regions of the world…”

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Promoting Results & Mutual Accountability

“We hope that country results frameworks are being used by our development partners to align development co-operation they provide…”

Advancing the CSO Enabling Environment & CSO Development Effectiveness

“Civil society organisations are envisioned as playing a very important role in the implementation of the SDGs but also in the monitoring and follow-up of the SDGs…”

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Supporting Tax Inspectors Without Borders

“We want to be a thought leader in [tax audit capacity]…working on open access to knowledge and skills, building a sense of collective responsibility, and to make the world a level-playing field”

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Strengthening Comparable Tax Indicators

“We want more and more countries with good internationally comparable revenue statistics that can be used for good evidence-based policymaking”

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Developing the South African SDG Hub

“Our dream is to connect African policymakers with the best possible evidence to implement the SDGs effectively in Africa”

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Global Partnership Initiatives – Areas of Work

Building Inclusive Partnerships

Conducting Transparent and Responsible Development Co-operation

Ensuring Coherence Between Climate Finance and Official Development Assistance

Focusing on Results and Promoting Mutual Accountability

Mobilising Flows Beyond Official Development Assistance

Promoting Development in Situations of Conflict and Fragility

Promoting the Use of Multi-Dimensional Methods for Measuring Development

Stepping-up Efforts at Regional and Country-Level

Strengthening Developing Country Ownership