The CSO Engagement Framework defines a vision which is perfectly in line with the African Development Bank’s LongTerm Strategy vision of inclusive growth on the continent and it identifies precise avenues how to achieve this in the framework of a strengthened cooperation with civil society. It’s aims to maximize opportunities for developing partnerships with CSOs at the corporate, country, and project levels. The overarching objective of the framework is to help the Bank achieve greater results and impacts through improving its collaboration with CSOs and strengthening the mechanisms for participation and coordination. The specific objectives of the framework are to (a) strengthen the Bank’s capacity to build cooperative working modalities with CSOs, (b) promote staff interactions with CSOs in a way that enhances the Bank’s work and contributes to the effectiveness of its support RMCs, and (c) provide operational guidance for the Bank’s headquarters, regional resource centers, country offices, and project staff. The framework highlights broadened engagement with civil society and AfDB action to strengthen the capacity of CSOs. It also suggests four areas in which collaboration with CSOs could be particularly important: integrated environmental and social safeguards systems, the Independent Review Mechanism, and work in fragile RMCs.